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Welcome to Our New Site

Welcome to Our New Site

We’ve been fussing about launching a new site just right after we’ve launched our first one about 6 months ago. And we know, it’s still white and kind of looks the same. But there’s more to the new website than you think, let’s list down the changes:

  • We’re no longer running in Flash.

This is perhaps the most significant change in the website. Flash, as we all know, is slow despite the potential of the technology. This also brings a new infrastructure to the site that would allow us to expand in a cocky sense of fashion by adding a lot of crazy knick knacks (or what some people already call “apps”–we’ll get to that in another blog post) such as, a doodling canvas, games and more.

  • Solutions page looks more complete.

We were in badly need of write-ups and other content. This website will showcase the opposite of that. More content means more opportunity for people to really know who we are and what we do and being transparent about it. (Although, unlike other teams, we don’t want to fill you in with a lot of vague and inaccurate descriptions about processes and such. )

  • A bigger and better showcase.

We’re extremely proud of the things we’ve achieved for just a span of 6 months. This calls for a bigger showcase, thus the homepage slideshow. Our portfolio page might still be empty, but wait for it and you’ll see… 🙂

  • More device friendly.

Want to refer us to a friend and don’t have a laptop with you? That’s cool, we look even better on your phone and all our apps work the same when you view them whether on your mobile or on your PC.

  • “About Us” literally tells you about us.

Local development teams are really shy about telling them who they are and we think that’s a big misstep especially when you’ve got an awesome team behind all the awesome websites. We want you to know how we work and who you’re working with (anyway you’re going to meet us sooner or later if you want to work with us). So why hide?

  • Cutesy sidebar with our Baby Showcase & Twitter feeds.

Did I just say cutesy? Why yes! The Baby showcase will link you to the sites we’ve built in our spare time. And next, the Twitter feed, very necessary to put it there ;).

  • And last, the Blog.

No need to expand further. You get it 🙂

Let us know and comment below what you think of our new site. We’re not yet done and we’re still going to be fixing and adding a lot more to the site. It would be even better if we know what you want us to put here. Looking forward to a whole lot of comments!



Team Doodle

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