Doodle Innovation | Our Skills
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Our Skills

Creating an image for your brand is important; think of it as making a first impression to your clients, customers or partners.



We, at Doodle Innovation, help you create that first impression that makes it memorable and somehow showcase what your brand is all about in the minimal time someone catches a glimpse of your logo or packaging or business card.

Your website is your prime property in this huge internet landscape. And like a house, it needs good foundations, a welcoming look and serve a purpose for whoever’s inhabiting it.


Like a team of contractors, we collaborate with you in building an online home for your brand, a profitable e-shop, or build on your idea be it SaaS (Software as a Service), networking site, or simply a place to connect.

When it’s time to bring your brand to the next level, mobile apps are there to elevate user-experience by bridging the gap of desktop to mobile and allowing a seamless transition and bringing your customers/audiences even closer.


Apps are all about being with your audience nonstop and we’re here to make you’re with them all the way through by making the process of building your app as collaborative and as easy as building your website.

Our team is comprised by real gamers at heart. This our roots that brought us to the internet industry and we build with passion. We understand what makes an addictive game as with understanding the build of stable and agile code that would comprise the game.


We have built games commercially and for indie leisure purposes for the past 4 years. Our platforms include: Browser (Desktop), iOS and Android.


Pitch us your idea and maybe it could be the next hit!

Creating a powerful social media presence is critical not just for any celebrity but for a brand. Even for those emerging in the market, it’s all the more reason you need to establish an audible voice for your brand and for people to hear it.


We create strategies and implement them. We plan, schedule, collaborate and launch online events, series or blog posts to get your message out there and promote your company/brand.

Pitch us your idea and maybe it could be the next hit!